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Wireless Pro 4 Earpods/Airpods/Earbuds/Earphones with Mic | for Android/iOS/Smartphones | White Colour with Chargeable Case | Bluetooth Connection Sound Effect with Touch Sensor

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open the Top Cover of the Charging box and press the multi-function key of the charging box to turn on. Take Out the Headphone. The headphones automatically turn on. The Headphone indicator lights flashing alternately red and blue in main ear and blue in secondary ear in 5 seconds. Headphone Pairing with mobile phone: The Red and Blue light alternating flashing in the Headphone's main ear indicates that it needs to be paired with Bluetooth. Open the mobile phone setting-open Bluetooth-Search the Bluetooth Name "Pro 4" and Click on the Mobile connection. 2. Steps For Switching on and off of Charger earphone:- Earphone: long Press Multi Function key for 3 seconds to turn on the blue light flash, Long press multi-function key for 4 seconds to turn off the red light, put the Headphone into the charging bin to turn off automatically, and turn off automatically for 3 minutes when the headphone is disconnected. Charging Bin: Press the multi-function key to turn on, the green light is always on, press the multi-function key to turn off, and the green light off. 3. Charging Indication:-