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Wooden Chopping Board with 6 Pieces Knife Set

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  • This Set Includes 5 Multipurpose Knives, A Pair of Scissors. All the Knives Feature Tempered Steel Blades That Make Them Sharper, Thus Making Them Easy to Use.
  • They Come with Contour-Molded Handles, For Better Ergonomics and To Prevent Any Chances of Accidents.
  • Made in Stainless Steel, These Knifes Have A Bright Shine and Are Corrosion-Resistant. You May Use These Knives to Cut Vegetables, Slice Them or Dice Them, Shaping Them into A Perfect Size.
  • All the Different Blades Thus Can Be Used to Cut the Vegies in A Different Shape. Providing A Firm Grip, These Ergonomically Designed Knives Why Should You Invest in This? This Set Consists of a Wide Variety of Knives That Have Multiple Uses.
  • Featuring A Nice Knife Sharpener, You Will Not Have to Worry About the Blunt Blades of The Knives or Scissors at Home. This Set Comes with A Handy Wooden Block to Keep All These Kitchen Tools At One Place.